About Poggenpohl

Founded in 1892 in the heart of Germany, Poggenpohl is the oldest and best-known kitchen brand in the world. From that day to this, we have followed the vision of our founder, Friedemir Poggenpohl, who set out to ‘improve the kitchen’.


Kitchen Masters

For more than 120 years, Poggenpohl has continued to ‘improve the kitchen’, transforming it from a humble backroom into a living space that’s at the heart of the home.

Technical expertise, materials of the highest quality, meticulous craftsmanship and trend-setting design go into every Poggenpohl kitchen. At our factory in Herford, Germany we pay the utmost attention to detail and aim for perfection in everything we make. That is the Poggenpohl way.


In many homes, there’s no spatial separation between cooking, eating and living – these activities and areas overlap seamlessly.

Shelving System

Poggenpohl offers holistic, complementary solutions for living and dining that share a common design language. The versatile shelving system will suit a variety of settings, offering both display and open storage. The wide choice of materials and finishes gives ample scope to coordinate with décor and furnishings, creating a design theme that unites the cooking and living areas.

Drawer System

The Poggenpohl drawer system is designed so that a glance can reveal everything. It also ensures that nothing gets mixed up should the drawer be pulled open suddenly.

The handleless doors operate with an assisted-opening feature that becomes visible in the form of an extending and retracting spacer pin.

The inset door fits perfectly into the rebated carcase. The front edge of the carcase is finished with a mitred aluminium profile anodized in aluminium-titanium colour.